WTIS Public and Private Gardens

In the summer of 1986 the West Tennessee Iris Society created a large public iris garden in a triangle of land near the intersection of West Street and Poplar Pike in Germantown.  Prior to this the site had been used for over 100 years to store tons of crushed stone for the Norfolk and Southern railroad.

For 32 years, club members diligently planted, weeded, and maintained over 400 varieties of irises in this garden for all to enjoy.  It was truly a labor of love that was utilized by many -- especially during peak bloom periods.

The club and its public garden even hosted the American Iris Society's National Convention in 2002.

Yet, in the summer of 2018, club members realized they could no longer properly maintain such a large public garden and the decision was made to return this land to the City of Germantown.

The West Tennessee Iris Society continues to promote irises.  2019 will be a year for re-building and re-directing our resources. 

Rather than having one huge, centrally located iris garden, we are contemplating creation of several small iris plots scattered around the greater Memphis metropolatain area.  These may be at schools, libraries, parks, government buildings, and even private residences. 

Our future remains bright as several prominent iris hybridizers live in Tennessee developing new varieties, colors, and forms of iris

Feel free to contact us about public spaces suitable for featuring future iris gardens.